Construction to Perm loan with Susan Turner of FNB Bank®

Turn your Dream Home into Reality with construction permanent financing.

When buying a Dream Caruso Home  

You have been dreaming of your new home for years. 

Whether you are looking

to build a custom home from the ground up, or renovate an existing one to meet

your family’s needs, we can help provide the resources you need to make them a


We help make the entire process simple and easy to understand. We will hold

your hand as your professional advisor through the entire process and provide

you with expert guidance from the time you begin the process until you move into

your new dream home and begin enjoying it for many years to come.

If you have any questions at any time make sure you contact Susan Turner of FNB Bank at 301-651-2174

A Overview of Susan Turner and FNB Banks Construction Loan


A Construction to Permanent Loan isn’t too much different than a normal mortgage

loan; other than your new home is not completed yet.

Typically you can use the financing to acquire the lot and finance it along with the

construction costs all into one loan. If you own the lot – you have equity already.

If you already own the property, we typically pay off any existing financing you have

by rolling it into the new loan, also and depending upon the appraised value, we

may be able to roll all of the costs including the settlement charges into the loan

as well.

A Overview of Susan Turner and FNB Banks Construction Loan

Why Construction Permanent Financing When Building a Caruso Home?

 In addition to obtaining the financing

you need, you will have the security of

knowing your dreams are secure. 


•Cost Control – Your interest rate can be locked in at time of application and

remains fixed for the term of the loan, including the construction period. Depending

upon the State your property is located in, you may enjoy substantial

savings in transfer and recordation taxes as well.

•Options – You can choose the type of financing you want at time of application,

whether it is a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage.

•Convenience – a “True One Time Close” Construction Permanent loan

requires only one settlement. It is all done upfront so that all you need to do

after settlement is build your new home, move in at time of completion and enjoy it!

•Beauty by design – You will get to design your new home to meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Start with Susan Tuner


The best place to begin is with your Construction Loan Officer. She can review

your needs and educate you on the process and how much home you can afford.

She can also provide you with down payment requirements and a total

cost estimate which includes average payments during the construction period

as well as your final monthly payments which begin after your new dream home

has been completed.

Personal Preparation

•Figure out your Budget with your loan officer and know your expenses.

Make informed decisions to ‘take the fear’ out.

•Know your credit score – and protect it by not adding additional debt –

new credit cards – or delinquencies.

•Hold off making any big purchases.

If you have any questions at any time make sure you contact Susan Turner of FNB Bank at 301-651-2174

Susan Turner and the Construction to Perm Process

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